Production History
   Under the name Gynocrat I founded and wrote for circle Studio Plug’n Play. We produced fan books based on Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Trigun, and others until 2006.
   Around 2007 I wrote illustrated fan novels based on Gungrave with a member of SP&P, and our production name was Elegant Madness.
  My current production moniker is Otter Hotpot and my focus is Golden Kamuy.

Studio Plug'n Play (2003-2006)
Gynocrat (2003-06): Writer, Editor, Letters, Production & Printing
Minako (2003-05): Illustrator, Writer, Pencils, Inks, and Tones
Darkzel (2004-05): Illustrator, Paints, Pencils, Inks, and Tones
Kheelan (2004-06): Illustrator, Writer, Pencils, Inks, and Tones

SP&P Catalogue
Injury (Gynocrat/Minako)
Rurouni Kenshin [Sōjirō/Yahiko] A4 | R18 | Yaoi2004
Winter Fan Book (. . .)Trigun [Various Pairings] A5 | R18 | Yaoi 2004
Fang Pond (Gynocrat/Darkzel)Inuyasha [Inuyasha/Adult Shippo] A5 | R18 | Yaoi2005
Blackpoint (Minako/Gynocrat)Rurouni Kenshin [Hajime/Sanosuke] B5 | R18 | Yaoi2005
Surprise! (Gynocrat/Darkzel)Inuyasha [Inuysha/Koga] A4 | R18 | Yaoi2005
Empire of Dirt (Gynocrat/Kheelan)Trigun [Wolfwood/Vash x Knives] B5 | R18 | Gei-Comi2006
Here Comes Your Man (Gynocrat/Minako)Wolf's Rain [Tsume/Toboe] A5 | R18 | Yaoi2006
FUTZ Collected (Gynocrat/Kheelan/Minako)Trigun [Midvalley/Wolfwood][Knives/Legato] B5 | R182007
Elegant Madness 2005-2006
Gynocrat (2005-06): Writer, Production & Printing
Kheelan (2005-06): Illustrator and Writer
Elegant Madness Catalogue
EGAD #1 (Gynocrat/Kheelan) A4 | R18 | Multiple StoriesStaple Expo - Austin, TX 2005
EGAD #2 (Gynocrat/Kheelan) A4 | R18 | Multiple StoriesLet's Stampede! Nagoya, JP2005
3x [EGAD #3] (Gynocrat/Kheelan) A5 | Color | R18 | Multiple StoriesComiket 69 - Tokyo, JP2005
Gungrave English Anthology (Gynocrat) (Kheelan) B5 | R18 | Mixed Comiket 69 - Tokyo, JP2005
Bonedriven (Kheelan) (Gynocrat) A5 | R15 | 1 Comic | 1 Short StorySan Japan - San Antonio, TX2006
Otter Hotpot
Koiji [恋路] Stories (AO3) (Pixiv)
A tetralogy of Hyakunosuke Ogata/Genjirou Tanigaki stories that begin pre-canon and end just before the raid on Abashiri.
  • Watashi o Minaide: First Class Private Tanigaki disobeys Superior Private Ogata. [R18]
  • Hatsu Taiken: Ogata frees Tanigaki from the bear-cage and while on the run discovers why the Matagi disobeyed. [R15]
  • Bunkatsu-sen: At the onsen, the wildcat decides there’s not enough room in the bear cave for an immortal tiger.
  • Shōganai: Tanigaki tries to make sense of Ogata's sudden coldness. [R18]
Otani/Tanio Undertow (AO3) (Pixiv)
A ongoing collection of one-shots featuring problematic themes.
  • Zeijakuna: Hyakunosuke Ogata is taught a lesson in vulnerability. [R18]
  • Shin’insei Namida: Hyakunosuke Ogata isn't an emotional creature. [R15]
  • Cursed: Hit man Ogata finishes a job in Tōhoku where his day goes from bad to worse. [R18]
Stolen Soul (AO3) (Pixiv)
Ogata Hyakunosuke should've kept going after he escaped, but this new situation with the Matagi was just too perfect to ignore. [R18]
  • Multi-chapter. 10/17
Doujinshi Available Online
Please Be Advised: Books are for ADULTS Only.
Fang Pond (Comic Doujinshi)
Hosted at Wordpress | R18
Here Comes Your Man (Comic)
Hosted at Wordpress | R18
FUTZ! #1 (Comic Doujinshi)
FUTZ! #2 (Comic) (Script 2 Page)
Hosted at Wordpress | R18
Tylko Słowa (Original GN)
At Wordpress | R18 | Polish Language
In Motion (Original Short)
At Wordpress | R18 | English
Roulette (Cancelled Series)
At Wordpress | R18 | English
Stolen Soul (Fan Novel)
Dropbox | R18 | English
Printed Stock Mailorder
Only Words (Original GN) (Historical) (English)
GLBT | R18 | 131pg | Gynocrat Ink - Media Mail5.00
Diplomatic Immunity (Camilicat) (Comic) (English) GLBT | R18 | 24pg | Sold by Class Comics3.99